Monox is a Death Metal band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 2002. According to the band members, Monox was created due to their wish to stop being merely passive consumers of music; they wished to create it as well.

For several years, they experimented with what kind of music they can create when five of them play together. Often asked about the influences, their response was similar to "From the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King and dark, obscure poems of E.A.Poe to the politics, violence, deterioration of human mind and society these are the places where we find our main inspiration".

In 2007, they settled on their own style, and a new era of Monox emerged. The band it self was going thru some serious members searching, and it has finalized when the final four came on stage! Current best working lineup was formed in year 2009 (after they recorded a short EP for public introduction), and is in process of finishing the recording of their first full album and video with following band members:

Tonko - vocals
Dorian - guitars, back vocals
Marko - bass
Ivo - drums

In summer of 2009 Monox was invited by Paranoid Open Air festival in Slovenia to play side by side with bands such as Candlemass, Blaze Bayley, Hate Eternal, Agnostic Front, Theatres Des Vampires etc... It was their first major gig, and was done with absolutely no stage nervousity, as it was a mere band rehersal. After POA, Monox started to play more and more gigs, and finally reached a point where they become invited by bands from across Europe, to stand and play by their side!

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